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On September 7, 2012, Gay Project has opened a new blog in English “GAY PROJECT” WordPress:


The choice of the platform has been adopted to promote real internationalization of Gay Project. The graphics are very simple, basic but nice. I intend to translate and publish on this new blog, in English, the posts that have received much interest.

Gay Project launches today a new website, fully dedicated to sexual orientation tests, online interviews and statistics about sexuality.

The previous version of the test (in Italian) has been fairly successful. The forms filled online are now a thousand. The old version has been much improved technically to allow even to see a preview of analysis in order to correct the form before sending it. Following the opening of the new blog in English http://gayproject2.wordpress.com/ I was required to make available in English, some of the services Project Gay has always delivered in Italian.

Since Altervista, hosting your site, requires that a site should still be accessible even in Italian, on this new site services of sexual orientation online, interviews about gay sexuality and statistics are provided both in Italian and in English.


This site of “Gay Project” presents three distinct services:

1) The “Interviews online on gay sexuality”, organized on 30 questions that you can answer in a totally anonymous, with no limit to the length of the answers. To avoid that the service could be used for other purposes (spam and advertising) the insertion of the form in the database accessible to the public is subject to moderation by Gay Project. To avoid sending duplication, the “send” function is disabled for a period of time after the first sending. To search the database are available specific search functions.

2) The “Test online on sexual orientation”, organized on 67 choice questions. The test is completely anonymous. The form, once sent, is immediately inserted in a database open to the public. Even in this case, to avoid the sending duplication the “send” function is disabled for a period of time after the first sending. The form, once sent, is immediately analyzed by the system and a personalized response is presented in a special page that contains the analysis of the answers given by the user, processed on the basis of the experience gained in Gay Project. The forms containing the answers are stored and are the basis of the statistical system of Gay Project. Anyone can fill out the form, can read the his personalized response and can also read forms and answers related to different users. There is also a specific search functions.

3) The “Flexible statistics service”, which allows to analyze the database of the Test of sexual orientation on the basis of specific requests sent directly online to the system by the user.

On October 10, 2012 Gay Project has also opened the forum Gay Project Forum, fully in English.


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